Something Elfy (& Shelfy) This Way Comes: The Return of Sir Peter Peppermint

November 30th, 2018 by


Long-time fans of Beaverton Honda‘s Facebook Page may recall the snowy December of the 2013, when a Rosy cheeked visitor by the name of Sir Peter Peppermint brightened our holiday season with merry highjinks. The past few years, he’s been traveling the globe, spreading cheer and laughter wherever he went, but this year we believe he may be returning to us at long last, and not just to Honda.



We’ve been noticing subtle hints here and there around all of our dealerships lately — discarded wrappers from pilfered chocolates, sugar angels on counter tops, the tinkling of bells — and we’re pretty sure we know who the culprit is. December starts tomorrow, and we’ll be on the lookout for our red-capped friend, sharing his antics for the duration of his visit. You can follow his adventures on all Lanphere social media channels:

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