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We don’t use multiple managers, or even a finance manager; we’ve empowered our consultants to do everything themselves.
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You’ll get our lowest price up front
No need for the back and forth, no haggling necessary. Everyone pays the same fair price for the same car.
Save time when buying a car

Because buying a car shouldn’t take all day.
It’s much easier and faster (for everyone) to just be transparent.
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Thank you Sam, General Manager of @kiaofbeaverton, and his wonderful wife for fulfilling a local foster teens holiday wish list! 

We still have 10 wish lists to fill! Link in bio!
Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our food drive benefitting Helping Hands food pantry who provides food to kids who don’t have access when they’re not in school. Lanphere Auto Group is committed to supporting kids in our local community.

If you’d like to support us in this mission, check out our holiday drive supporting local foster teens with @project48inc. Link in our bio!
"Vanessa is so reliable and has exemplary work ethic!" - Becca Parsons, BDC manager 

Thank you Vanessa for your amazing dedication and leading by example. We appreciate you!
🎉 Congratulations to all our amazing employees who have reached incredible milestones with us! 🌟 Your hard work and dedication are truly inspiring. Join our team and be a part of this incredible family owned company!
🎉 Celebrating Years of Dedication and Excellence! 🎉

We are thrilled to honor and celebrate the incredible milestones of our dedicated team members at Lanphere Auto Group. Your commitment and hard work have not only shaped our success but have also set a remarkable example for everyone in our organization.

Each one of you is an indispensable part of our journey, and your passion and dedication continue to drive us forward. We sincerely appreciate your hard work and the valuable impact you have made here at Lanphere Auto Group! Cheers to many more 🥂
"ANY time she is asked to do something, she jumps right on it. It doesn’t matter if it is something that I need, or a salesperson that needs help, she is always quick to help. There have even been times where she didn’t know how to do something, found the answers, taught herself how to do it, and then got it done for them. She has been the nucleus of this store, and continues to shine in every task that has been thrown her way." - Ken Fisher, General Manager @newbergjeepram
“I want to give one to Alysa Erickson in the office.  Her paying attention and quickness to ask questions when something did not look right is commendable!”- Lorena, Corporate Controller 

Congratulations Alysa! Way to go above & beyond and taking pride in your job ❤️
Kaylie is always going above and beyond to do her job. She is constantly doing things behind the scenes to help this place run and I think she should be recognized for all her hard work and Kevin is always smiling and bringing his A game to work! 

Fun fact: these two are engaged to be married 🤩 A true match of work ethic!
"The other day an elderly man ran out of gas in the middle of the street in front of Kia on Canyon.  Jeff was out in the street getting him a gallon of gas and even gave him a couple buck on top of that. Jeff works hard for us every day but still has time to help others out as well! We appreciate you, Jeff!" - John, Sales Consultant
Terry was nominated by Rod Richards, our Head of Maintenance, for going above and beyond with absolutely everything he does! Keep up the fantastic work!

"The newest member of our invaluable maintenance team has absolutely hit the ground running! His "CAN DO" attitude and pro-active mindset have been a breath of fresh air!  In a very short amount of time Terry has been able to take a huge load off Rod's shoulders with his knowledge and willingness to learn.  We are so happy to have him as a part of the Maintenance/ facility crew and he is most definitely become an asset to Lanphere Auto Group!" - Andrea Lanphere
"Zach has been a huge asset on the sales floor. He is always willing to step up and help whenever asked without hesitation.  Whether it's moving bikes, stepping in to help with training and mentoring the new people on the floor. His customers  have nothing but great things to say  when they interact with him and he is always going above and beyond to make sure their experience at BMC is a great one. He's a good dude and awesome to work with. Give this man some chocolate!" - Bike Mike
Thank you Jonathan, Master Technician at Beaverton Honda, for keeping our customers happy! 🤩 Here's what his Foreman had to say: 
"When express is running behind and there’s 45 minutes left in the day with 10 cars waiting for oil changes, they both, without question, drop what they are doing to help get our customers back on the road and our techs all home by closing time!"
Thank you Devon for being a key element to the success of our parts department at Beaverton Motorcycles 🖤

"He hasn't even been here a full month yet and has completely transformed the parts department. He is always moving, organizing, and streamlining. There have been multiple other staff members that comment about the organization when walking through the back and Devon is the one to thank for that. He is killin' it!" - Kaylie, Parts Admin
That smile is the proud face of Matthew Knowlton for getting an excellent mystery shopper report from Suzuki! Thanks Matt for giving your best efforts in maintaining dealer compliance with our Suzuki brand! We appreciate you 🙌 #BOBBAR
Congratulations to Chance, Service Advisor, on receiving a BOB bar! Andrea nominated him and says " he is amazing, works through so many issues/problems as well as all the walk-in’s we are receiving since the sun decided to come out and play and always has a big smile (no matter what the issue is in front of him)!" 😀
Alex nominated Kyler for a BOB bar because he says Kyler has the BEST work ethic he’s ever seen in the 7 years he’s been with our company 🤩 Not only did he get a huge bar of solid chocolate, he found a GOLDEN TICKET worth $100 cash inside! 
congratulations Kyler, we appreciate you!
Congratulations to our newest Beaverton Motorcycles service employee, Dax, on not only his BOB bar but for being a $100 Golden Ticket winner 🎫 😀 
We appreciate your hard work and so glad you’re on our team!
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